Sudanese Scholarship Winner Researching Fluid DynamicsGeneral

Mr Nageeb Abdallah Hamed Haroun explaining his research.Mr Nageeb Abdallah Hamed Haroun explaining his research.

Not that many students focus on fluid dynamics - but this is the subject which Sudanese citizen Mr Nageeb Abdallah Hamed Haroun has chosen for his PhD research.

And, most important, it has won him a Doctoral Research Scholarship from UKZN.

Based in the Discipline of Mathematics, Haroun is originally from Zalinge in the Republic of Sudan, where he received his Bachelor of Science Degree from Omdurman Islamic University, going on to begin his Master’s in Pure Mathematics at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

He joined UKZN as a master’s candidate in 2013, completing the degree in 2014.

Haroun’s PhD research is concerned with convective heat and mass transfer in boundary layer flow through a porous medium saturated with nanofluids. He started research into fluid dynamics because of its offering of the combination of mathematics and physics, and its range of applications.

‘Fluid dynamics provides methods for studying ocean currents, weather patterns, plate tectonics, evolution of stars, water flow and even blood circulation, as well as some important technological applications in industrial revolutions, including rocket engines, wind turbines, oil pipelines and air conditioning systems,’ said Haroun.

He says the award will have a significant impact on his studies, giving him what he called a glimmer of hope as he believes it will open doors for him.

‘An award like this is about much more than financial aid,’ said Haroun. ‘It enables me to continue pursuing my academic goals and demonstrates trust and confidence in the ability of the recipient.’

Haroun aims to continue working towards being a respected researcher and hopes to make a considerable impact in his field.

He thanked UKZN and staff in the Mathematics Discipline for giving him the opportunity to study and realise his goals and dreams.

He advised other students to keep focused on their studies, and not to give up doing their best.

Christine Cuénod