Scholarship allows Top Student to Pursue PhD in MechatronicsGeneral

Mr Nicol Naidoo received a UKZN Doctoral Research Scholarship.Mr Nicol Naidoo received a UKZN Doctoral Research Scholarship.

It’s reserved for UKZN’s top PhD candidates and Mr Nicol Naidoo - in the second year of doctoral studies in Mechatronics - was selected for it!

It is a UKZN Doctoral Research Scholarship which Naidoo says he feels blessed and privileged to have received. ‘I am proud to be a part of a university that is committed to research excellence.’

He is confident the award will give him the opportunity to learn more about robotics and computer engineering.

Naidoo has always had a flair and passion for mathematics, physical science and computer programming, and the field of engineering came naturally to him. ‘I enjoy solving challenging problems and feel inspired to do more research and to develop a practical product from that research,’ he said.

A religious man, he says he’s inspired by Jesus Christ every day. ‘This is one factor that drives me to complete my PhD and start contributing to the development of the next generation of young engineers.’

Naidoo plans to engage with pupils from primary and secondary schools to help nurture their talent from a young age.

He regards himself as an honest individual who strives for excellence and is willing to accept corrections. ‘I am not intimidated by problems because I always work on the solution,’ he said.

Naidoo enjoys travelling, exploring and experiencing different cultures, food and landscapes.

Basetsana Mogashoa