High Flyer Wants to Help Save the Planet!General

Ms Reitshepetse Kgomotlokwa Mphahlele is passionate about Bioresources Engineering.Ms Reitshepetse Kgomotlokwa Mphahlele is passionate about Bioresources Engineering.

A desire to help “save the world” is a strong motivating factor for Frene Ginwala Prestige Entry Equity Scholarship winner, Ms Reitshepetse Kgomotlokwa Mphahlele, who says the award will assist her in her chosen field of study - Bioresources Engineering.

‘I feel honoured and thank the University for trusting me with this empowering opportunity,’ said Mphahlele.

‘Engineering is a growing and challenging field which is very useful. I want to be part of a team that innovates and finds ground-breaking solutions for the future.’

A concern for planet Earth is a factor motivating Mphahlele to finish her degree and specialise.  ‘I would like to find high-performing solutions for the benefit of the country.’

Mphahlele says Nelson Mandela is her role model.  ‘His journey proved there are no short cuts in life and that perseverance really pays. I believe this is what inspires me to have patience and to be a hard worker, with a forgiving heart.’

Mphahlele enjoys spending her time in the kitchen, gardening and exploring art when she’s not studying. She describes herself as a humble person who has a skill for listening.

‘I am passionate about solving water shortages, which is a problem affecting many South Africans on a daily basis.’ 

Basetsana Mogashoa