Engineering Masters Student awarded TB Davis ScholarshipGeneral

TB Davis scholarship winner, Mr Suleiman Patel.TB Davis scholarship winner, Mr Suleiman Patel.

Mr Sulaiman Patel has been awarded a TB Davis Scholarship for being one of the top masters students in the College of Agriculture, Engineering and Science.

The family of TB Davis gave UKZN funds to establish a trust from which awards are made annually to high achieving students in the School of Engineering.

Patel, who described studying for an Engineering degree as a ‘long and arduous road,’ plans to go on to do postgraduate studies in Electronic Engineering.

He says being awarded the Scholarship was a humbling experience and a source of motivation for the journey ahead. 

Patel, whose focus is on science and technology, wants to make a difference in the world and feels engineering is where he will be able to do that.

‘I have many role models but the one who really stands out is my grandfather, who embodies mental and emotional strength. Despite challenges he’s had to overcome, such as cancer, he always has a smile on his face and enjoys getting involved in community upliftment projects.’ 

Patel’s master’s degree project is on wireless communication technologies and he is currently conducting research in that field with ARMSCOR. ‘Hopefully, this research will improve future surveillance and security systems and will help make South Africa a safer place for everyone. I also have a few ideas for entrepreneurial ventures that I may pursue later,’ he said.

Patel is an avid reader and enjoys indoor cricket in his spare time.

‘The values I hold dearest are integrity, respect and humility, which I hope are reflected in my character. I consider myself to have fairly old-fashioned principles, which are guided by my religious values.’

Prashina Budree