Computer Science Student Receives Abe Bailey Travel BursaryGeneral

Mr Sivashen Reddy (left) with Professor Salim Abdool Karim.Mr Sivashen Reddy (left) with Professor Salim Abdool Karim.

Third year student in Computer Science, Mr Sivashen Reddy, has secured the Abe Bailey Travel Bursary, enabling him to travel to the African Union headquarters in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, and the United Kingdom in November, where tours of institutions and networking with fellow students and academics will add depth to his skills and experience.

Only 18 students from 24 universities were selected through the challenging application process.

‘I am really happy to be going on this trip and I look forward to interacting with the diverse cultures and traditions in the various countries we will visit,’ said Reddy.

Reddy was recognised by the Abe Bailey Trust for his leadership qualities, and his strong service ethic. He is Vice-President of the Golden Key Society on the Westville campus, and received the society’s New Chapter award in 2015.

He has also gained recognition at UKZN, receiving three Dean’s Commendations, being named as one of the university’s top 40 most inspiring students last year, and receiving entrance and merit scholarships from the University.

Outside the university, he tutors Grade 10 students in mathematics.

According to Reddy, receiving the bursary is an acknowledgement of the 100% effort he puts into his studies.

Reddy attended Kharwastan Secondary School in Durban where he regularly came top in various subjects. It was at high school while investigating information technology that he discovered his passion.

‘I was always attracted to how things work, and the amazing graphics and development of games fascinated me. Computer Science is also full of visions for the future; the world is evolving through technology!’

Reddy says his passion for his subject is an ever-growing one, and he anticipates a future of artificial intelligence-aided, programmed robots fulfilling tasks.

Reddy aims to do his Honours degree in Computer Science, and thereafter join a graduate programme in an international information technology company.

He also has a strong creative side and plans to publish his own book in the adventure fiction genre. He finds writing an ideal channel for self-expression, and fills his spare time putting his thoughts to paper.

Reddy dedicated his achievement to his grandmother, Angie, who sadly passed away the day after he received news of the bursary.

He also credited his family for their support and thanked the Abe Bailey Trust for the life-changing opportunity.

Christine Cuénod