Computer Engineering Student Wins Scholarship for Second Consecutive YearAgriculture, Engineering & Science

Mr Ben Sapo was awarded a College DVC Scholarship.Mr Ben Sapo was awarded a College DVC Scholarship.

Third-year Computer Engineering student, Mr Ben Sapo, is once again among UKZN’s scholarship winners.

Sapo, who won a Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship last year, has once more been recognised for his achievements being awarded a College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship this year. The award recognises top performance over two or more years of undergraduate study.

The scholarship has provided much needed relief from financial burdens accompanying tertiary education, allowing him to focus on his studies. 

‘Computers have always been a passion of mine so I always knew that I would go into the field,’ said Sapo.  ‘I specifically chose to do Computer Engineering because my brother did the degree and I saw the really cool projects he did, incorporating electronics with programming. This inspired me to follow him and do the same degree as I saw that I would be able to build and programme my own designs.’

Sapo has big plans for himself and intends to go into research and development in his field to assist in the betterment of the community.  He describes himself as a religious person who is very driven and determined and puts in all his effort to finish tasks.

In his spare time he enjoys playing soccer, reading and watching TED talks.

Prashina Budree