Award Winner Dreams of Being Involved in Android DevelopmentGeneral

Mr Devin Pelser.Mr Devin Pelser.

Computer Science student Mr Devin Pelser, a winner of the Malegapuru W Makgoba Scholarship, has dreams of following his passion all the way to a ‘Silicon Valley-esque’ future, with android development on the cards.

The scholarship is awarded to the five top-ranked undergraduates proceeding from first year to second year of study in each of the four Colleges.

Pelser, who attended Maritzburg College, says much of his young life was spent behind a computer screen enabling him to hone his computer skills, which, combined with his love of Mathematics, led him to studying Computer Science.

‘Computer Science is hands-on; you write some code and you see the output. I love being able to watch what I’ve coded perform its task,’ said Pelser.

The award contributes significantly to relieving the burden of outstanding fees, and will also drive him to maintain and improve his excellent marks - which include certificates of merit for nine modules thus far, and two Dean’s commendations.

Pelser plans to continue with his studies, ideally moving on to honours and master’s degrees in pure mathematics. He spends much of his focus on artificial intelligence, which he says is the future.

Christine Cuénod