Collaboration Between UKZN and Mauritian University Promotes ResearchGeneral

From left: Mr Perienen Appavoo, Professor John Mubangizi, Professor Henry Wissink and Dr Upasana Singh.From left: Mr Perienen Appavoo, Professor John Mubangizi, Professor Henry Wissink and Dr Upasana Singh.

Collaboration between the Open University in Mauritius and UKZN has yielded excellent results in the field of research.

Since the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between the two institutions in May this year, UKZN’s academic champion Dr Upasana Singh has through Skype participated in the Open University’s PhD symposium and - supported by Information Systems expert Professor Manoj Maharaj - presented workshops for students.

A joint research project by Singh and Mrs Vandanah Gooria exploring the perceptions of techno-savvy tertiary learners on the use of biometrics in Mauritius, was presented at the recent UKZN 10th Annual Teaching and Learning in Higher Education Conference.  The research project was well received, with many participants encouraging the researchers to pursue the idea of a comparative study involving UKZN students and Mauritian students.

Open University academic Mr Perienen Appavoo met Deputy Vice-Chancellor and Head of the College of Law and Management Studies, Professor John Mubangizi; the former Dean of the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance, Professor  Henry Wissink; and Singh to discuss areas of current and future collaboration.

The areas included the possibility of a joint conference between UKZN and the Open University next year.

There was also an offer for Open University PhD and masters students to get a fee remission if they registered with UKZN on a full-time basis, thus encouraging a reciprocal relationship between the two institutions. Cultivation of joint research projects was also prioritised.

The collaborations were welcomed and tangible outcomes are expected to be evident next year. 

Thandiwe Jumo