UKZN Professor holds WorkshopGeneral

Professor Kriben Pillay (extreme left) and Mr Bheki Gwala together with other participants.Professor Kriben Pillay (extreme left) and Mr Bheki Gwala together with other participants.

UKZN’s Professor Kriben Pillay ran a Saturday morning workshop for a recently formed group of professionals who call themselves Paradigm Shift.

Pillay is an Associate Professor in the Graduate School of Business and Leadership and the Dean of Teaching and Learning in the College of Law and Management Studies. 

Inspired by his exposure to systems thinking in his UKZN coursework master’s degree programme, Paradigm Shift leader, Mr Bheki Gwala, a senior Environmental Officer in the Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs, put together a group of professionals from different fields and sectors to attend the workshop.

Members of the group want to learn to do things differently in ways that can be shown to bring real world, practical improvements.

Gwala had approached Pillay, who is his master’s degree supervisor, to kick-start the group’s activities by doing a half-day workshop on the Theory U model of personal and social transformation. The group was taken on an experiential journey of the basic principles of the model.

‘This workshop introduced us to a new paradigm of critical thinking, holistic knowing and creative action. Personally it has reinvigorated my ability to look at a problem from a unique perspective,’ said Gwala.