UKZN HIV and AIDS Programme Peer Education TrainingGeneral

HEAIDS representatives with UKZN HIV and AIDS Programme staff and Peer Educators.HEAIDS representatives with UKZN HIV and AIDS Programme staff and Peer Educators.

Peer education training conducted by the Higher Education and Training AIDS Programme (HEAIDS) on the Medical School campus in Durban attracted 40 students.

The event was organised by UKZN’s HIV and AIDS Programme Peer Educaion Training section.

The interactive and fun-filled training was geared towards developing peer mentors and educators who are a key resource for enhancing positive values and encouraging healthy behaviour.

The presence on campuses of the peer mentors and educators cultivates an enabling environment for interventions that address all issues related to HIV and AIDS prevention and treatment.

The training was on issues such as Anatomy and Perception; First Things First Methodology, HIV, AIDS, STI Transmission, Condom Demonstrations, Tuberculosis Myths and Misconceptions, Lesbian Gay Bisexual Transgender and Intersex (LGBTI) related matters and Project Management.

This training strengthened the on-going campus education and services to help men and women make good lifestyle choices that will keep them healthy and successful in their studies.

Thembani Khumalo