High Level Recognition of Article by UKZN Academic in Journal of AIDS and Clinical ResearchGeneral

Dr Given Mutinta.Dr Given Mutinta.

An article by a Research Methodology Lecturer in the School of Management, Information Technology and Governance, Dr Given Mutinta, in the 2015 Journal of AIDS and Clinical Research has earned recognition for being the most emailed, viewed, and cited submission in that publication

The article is titled: “An Exploratory Study of the Relationship between Alcohol Use and Sexual Risk Behaviour Among Students at the University of KwaZulu-Natal”.

Mutinta’s article enjoyed an impressive total of 11 302 views, 7 559 HTML page views, 3 743 PDF downloads, 240 emails, 276 export citations, and 34 share/blogs.

The article examines the relationship between alcohol consumption and sexual risk-taking behaviour among UKZN students.

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‘The study reveals that alcohol consumption is linked to the practice of having many sexual partners and erratic use of condoms with new partners,’ said Mutinta. ‘This phenomenon was common among students who often used alcohol in relation to engaging in penetrative sex.’

Mutinta further found that the relationship between alcohol use and sexual risk behaviour was complicated, and the relationship seemed to be instigated by multisystemic factors including biological, individual, behavioural, and socio-environmental factors.

He also argues that it is not enough to have a university policy that prohibits consumption of alcohol on campuses. Instead, he says, measures should be put in place to translate the policy into practice to prevent the consumption of alcohol on South African university campuses and initiate programmes addressing many health issues, including healthy use of alcohol.

‘The argument the study is advancing is that HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness interventions targeting students need to address the influence of alcohol on sexual risk behaviour on campuses. HIV and AIDS prevention and awareness communication programmes should target students who consume alcohol in relation to engaging in penetrative sex,’ said Mutinta.

Commenting on Mutinta’s article on behalf of the journal’s editorial board, Professor Maria Jose Miguez-Burbano of Florida International University said the article was ‘a feast for our readers’.

Thandiwe Jumo