Education Student uses Innovative Teaching StrategiesGeneral

Mr Tevin Septoe (extreme left) with learners from Nilgiri Secondary School during a Technology teaching practice.Mr Tevin Septoe (extreme left) with learners from Nilgiri Secondary School during a Technology teaching practice.

Final year Education student Mr Tevin Septoe used innovative practical examples to get concepts across during a technology teaching practice at Nilgiri Secondary School in the KwaNdengezi area of KwaZulu-Natal.

The teaching segment is part of the School of Education’s annual teaching practice in which the students visit schools to conduct a four-week formal teaching practice session.

Specialising in Technology, Septoe taught eight Grade 9 classes about the hydraulic system. ‘During the lesson I used two syringes and water to demonstrate how the hydraulic system can multiply a force. I also used a load of bricks to show learners how mechanical advantage can be achieved. They were excited to see how a small force is able to lift up a heavy load,’ he explained.

Septoe believes that technology should be a subject where learners must be hands on rather than have the teacher standing in front of the class for the entire lesson. ‘Many South African schools lack resources, therefore as teachers in training we must use innovative and yet cost effective teaching aids to enhance learning.’

Seeing the need for young, innovative and qualified teachers in his community, Septoe chose to study to become a teacher. ‘I know that I have the discipline and moral grounds to positively influence learners. Everyone has that one teacher who inspired them to do better and become someone great.

‘I really looked up to my school teachers and I knew that one day I wanted to have a positive impact on learners lives, just like my teachers had on mine. Teaching is a calling and I believe that I am one of those who have been called in to this noble profession.’

His advice to other students is: ‘Be disciplined and committed to teaching. Be loyal and honest to the teaching profession as teaching is a complex career, but rewarding too.’  

Melissa Mungroo