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Women Empowerment Seminar.Women Empowerment Seminar.

The Department of Student Residence Affairs on UKZN’s Edgewood campus hosted its inaugural Women Empowerment Seminar to uplift the spirits of female residence students.

In celebrating Women’s Month, the seminar aimed to promote the strengths of women in various sectors, highlighting the endless opportunities for them to advance.

The event attracted 200 students who participated in essay writing prior to the event which provided the opportunity for expression of views on what women empowerment means. Their inputs earned them attendance at a dinner held after a seminar that concentrated on various aspects including the abuse of women, HIV and AIDS awareness, cancer awareness, and women in leadership.

The event ended with the declaration: ‘Here’s to strong women: May we KNOW them, may we BE them, and may we RAISE them!’

Organisers of the event emphasised the need for further similar functions to be held and committed to ensuring this happened.

Jennifer Sheokarah