Humanities Student Publishes Poetry Anthology on Syrian WarGeneral

Ms Kemera Moodly with her poetry anthology titled <em>Teardrops From My Pen</em>.Ms Kemera Moodly with her poetry anthology titled Teardrops From My Pen.

Psychology Masters’ student Ms Kemera Moodly recently published her third poetry anthology titled Teardrops From My Pen. The book is a collection of Moodly’s thoughts and emotions on the Syrian war and the Syrian refugees who subsequently fled their country and sought asylum in Europe.

‘Their desperation, their willingness to traverse oceans in little rubber boats, and walk vast distances from country to country inspired me but also moved me deeply. A lot of the poems expressed my feelings and thoughts on these refugees and their struggle to survive,’ she explained.

The book also features a short story that epitomises the struggle of Syrians. All proceeds from the sale of the book goes to the Gift of the Givers’ Foundation. Moodly has already made four lump sum contributions to the organisation from the sale of her books and hopes to continue donating to the Foundation.

Moodly has been writing poetry since the age of eight, continuing to write throughout her teenage years and even now as an adult. ‘It’s very fulfilling to know that my writing is now published and available for the public to read and hopefully enjoy. Those that have already read the book enjoyed it and have appreciated my work - they can relate to the thoughts and emotions I expressed, which is very fulfilling and gratifying for a writer.’

She is currently planning to write a book of short stories. ‘Ideas are already floating around in my head – I’ve actually jotted down the synopses for some of those stories. It’s quite exciting because I find that writing short stories is more challenging than poetry and I enjoy facing that challenge!’

‘But it's the feeling of writing down a story that partially reflects reality and partially reflects my imagination - it brings me joy to know that I can do that. I am inspired by events or situations I’ve seen in reality. I craft my own characters and plot to give readers my perspective on this event or situation.’

Moodly further urged the public to buy Teardrops From My Pen as she feels ‘it is a reminder of what it means to be human - we all experience pain, sorrow, heartache and we all shed tears.  This book aims to show that innate vulnerability through my poetry and short stories.’

Teardrops From My Pen can be purchased directly from Moodly for R120 via email or the e-book can be purchased online from (Kindle) for $10.25. Her other books for purchase are Words From My Heart and Seasons of My Soul.

Melissa Mungroo