Study Excellence a Non-Negotiable for Students General

From left: Mr Ahmed Ally, Ms Claire Gillespie and Ms Kineta Garach. From left: Mr Ahmed Ally, Ms Claire Gillespie and Ms Kineta Garach.

Three recipients of College Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarships - Ms Kineta Garach, Ms Claire Gillespie and Mr Ahmed Ally - are committed to student excellence.

The three were each recognised as top-ranked undergraduate students proceeding from their second year to further studies.

Following in the footsteps of her father, Professor Dilip Garach, means that academic excellence in accounting is an aspiration worth achieving for Garach.

‘My love for figures and having a natural flair for accounting has motivated me to pursue a career in the field.’

She comes from a family of accountants – ‘my mum has a master’s degree and is involved in the corporate world, my two sisters are also qualified in business, commerce and finance, while my father, who has been my inspiration in choosing a career path, has always set high standards which encouraged me to reach greater heights in my studies’.

Garach’s future plans include pursuing a postgraduate qualification during her journey to becoming a Chartered Accountant.

‘Receiving the Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship is a great privilege and honour. It shows that hard work and dedication always pay off. Receiving the award has motivated me to strive to greater heights whilst remaining humble. I am deeply religious, I believe in myself and I believe that with faith I will be able to take on tasks, both big and small to achieve my goals and dreams in life,’ she said.

For Gillespie, pursuing a career in law was motivated by the need to use her legal skills to help others get access to justice. She says the scholarship is a good incentive for her to continue working hard to make her dream a reality.

‘The interesting and empowering nature of law inspired me to pursue this career, where I will have the ability to assist others in need. I have signed articles with Bowman Gilfillan, one of the top five law firms in South Africa, and am currently serving as a clerk for Mr Justice Wallis of the Supreme Court of Appeal,’ she said.

Ally received both the College Deputy Vice-Chancellor Scholarship and the UKZN 100th Anniversary Scholarship - remarkable achievements which keep him striving to be the best he can be. 

‘My future plans include obtaining a postgraduate degree at UKZN, completing my training contract at Deloitte and then qualifying as a Chartered Accountant. From there, I would like to go into the world of business and give back to the community,’ he said.

Thandiwe Jumo