Rugby and Accounting a Good Match for Scholarship AchieverGeneral

Mr Willem Badenhorst.Mr Willem Badenhorst.

UKZN Prestige Sport Scholarship recipient Mr Willem Badenhorst says his dream of becoming a professional rugby player doesn’t preclude him from also being a chartered accountant.

‘My goal is to become a professional rugby player, but if that doesn’t work out I will rely on my studies and qualifications.

‘Thus I aim to graduate and become a CA, but right now I’m enjoying what I do and giving it my utmost and who knows what the Lord has in store for me,’ said Badenhorst.

The U19 Sharks player who was part of the Sharks Academy says being awarded the scholarship is a blessing as he faced financial difficulties which were standing in the way of him achieving his goals.

‘I hoped I would get a rugby contract or a bursary at the academy but when that didn’t happen financial constraints threatened my future at the academy this year,’ he said

‘My U19 coach encouraged me to apply for a scholarship at UKZN and not give up on my rugby and education,’ said Badenhorst. ‘I received a scholarship for this year and that thankfully solved that problem but then the question arose about what to study?

‘Everyone advised me go for the best possible qualification and so I decided on a BCom Accounting course.’

While juggling his studies and rugby is tough’, having a strong support system makes it possible.

‘The biggest challenge was and still is my rugby training clashing with my lectures. I have to go through the work I miss by myself but my tutors are always there to help.

‘And my family assists and guides me. They taught me right from wrong and embedded core biblical principles in me which I live by. They are always there for me and I can say for sure they are my biggest supporters,’ added Badenhorst.

Thandiwe Jumo