Soaring to New Heights through the CHS DVC’s ScholarshipGeneral

College of Health Sciences students who received the 2016 College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.College of Health Sciences students who received the 2016 College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

Medical students, Mr Dimitrije Mamontov and Ms Kellicia Courtney Govender as well as Pharmacy student Ms Laya Arra Nadia Mohideen, received the 2016 College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship.

College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarships are awarded to the three top-ranked undergraduates proceeding from second year to subsequent years of study.

‘Being the recipient of this prestigious scholarship is a great honour for me,’ said Mohideen. ‘I am appreciative of this award as it has given me inspiration, motivation and confidence to continue to work hard in my final year and further on in my future goals.’

Mohideen’s family is unequivocally happy about her achievement. ‘Seeing the excitement and the proud look in my parent’s eyes was priceless. They have been the greatest support structure throughout my studies and truly deserve the credit more than I do,’ she said.

During the past three years of her studying, Mohideen has put in every effort to put her best forward.

‘Receiving this academic achievement has been an incredible experience and a step closer to achieving my academic goals,’ she declared.

Her future plans include completing her degree, internship, community service and thereafter consider furthering her studies at UKZN.

‘My key goal is to start giving back to the community and to help many more children to have the opportunities I have had,’ said Mohideen.

Govender commented on receiving the scholarship, ‘I was pleasantly surprised and I’m extremely grateful and privileged to be the recipient of this scholarship.’

She said it was pleasing to know that her hard work and dedication were recognised. ‘This spurs me on to do better in the future. My goal is to graduate from Medical School being the best possible doctor I can be and I plan to specialise someday.’

Govender said she was most fortunate to have the opportunity to study something that she was truly passionate about.

‘Medicine is such a dynamic field and it’s richly rewarding when you’re able to put knowledge into practice and have lasting positive effect on someone’s life.’

She encourages her fellow students to work hard consistently, maintain a positive attitude and persevere, and their efforts will be rewarded eventually.

‘It’s also imperative to find a balance as solely focusing on academics can easily become overwhelming.’

She expressed her appreciation to the funder of the scholarship for recognising her academic achievements and allowing her to realise her full potential.

‘I am an avid reader. Apart from reading medical textbooks, I enjoy watching series, playing with my dog and spending time with my family who’ve been my greatest support system over the years,’ she said.

Mamontov is the former recipient of the Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship and is receiving the College Deputy Vice-Chancellor’s Scholarship Award for the second year in a row.  He also received the prestigious LC Robinson Scholarship.

Nombuso Dlamini