Pius Langa Scholarship for Medical TrioGeneral

From left: Mr Ishq Pramchand and Mr Sahil Maharaj.From left: Mr Ishq Pramchand and Mr Sahil Maharaj.

Three first-year Medical students at the Nelson R Mandela School of Medicine; Mr Sahil Maharaj, Ms Trisaina Govender and Mr Ishq Pramchand; are the recipients of the prestigious Pius Langa Scholarship.

The scholarship is named after the renowned former Chief Justice of South Africa, Pius Langa, the former Chancellor of the University of Natal and the first Ombud of the University of KwaZulu-Natal.

The scholarships are awarded to new undergraduate students who are ranked in the top 10 in the KwaZulu-Natal Provincial Education Department National Senior Certificate (NSC) examinations or top nationally in the Independent Examinations Board matriculation examinations.

‘I feel honored to receive such a scholarship as this achievement symbolises a future in my desired medical career. My parents, who are both doctors, and my twin brother, who is also studying medicine with me at UKZN, feel exactly the same way,’ said Pramchand.

His long-term goals include specialising in internal medicine. ‘However, owing to the variety of equally interesting topics at the moment, I still need time to decide which specialty suits me.’

Pramchand is grateful for the award. ‘I must emphasise my sheer gratitude to those who have awarded me with this scholarship. I will treasure such an achievement and will continue to strive for excellence,’ he declared.

Maharaj said he was extremely grateful to have received the scholarship: ‘It is indeed an honour to have been awarded such a prestigious accolade. I am ecstatic. It is humbling to see my hard work being paid off with this handsome reward.’

‘I have never won anything in my life,’ revealed an excited Maharaj. ‘To be awarded such a substantial amount of money is almost surreal. This scholarship definitely helps relieve my family’s financial stresses,’ he added.

To Maharaj the award signifies the collective sum of all the hours of hard work that he put into the last 12 years of his schooling life.

‘My grade 12 year was definitely the most gruelling. This scholarship is testament to the motivation and determination with which I worked to achieve the marks I did and be accepted into Medical School. I am appreciative of the fact that UKZN recognises hard work and celebrates it accordingly. This scholarship serves as motivation for me to continue reaching for new heights and setting greater goals in my career.’

Nombuso Dlamini