Centre for Visual Art Hosts Fabric of the UniverseAgriculture, Engineering & Science

Artworks from Fabric of the Universe.Artworks from Fabric of the Universe.

Fabric of the Universe, conceived by award-winning choreographer Lexi Meier, was performed recently at the Jack Heath Gallery at the Centre for Visual Art (CVA).

This immersive installation - created in collaboration with Hannah Lax, Geoff Smuts, Meyrick Tree, Mikha Zeffertt, Chris Hartley and Sean Devonport - recently returned from an award-winning run at the 2016 National Arts Festival in Grahamstown and will soon be on show in Cape Town.

Meier, who did her MA in Choreography at Rhodes University, won the Aha award at the Grahamstown Festival in 2015 for her work: Sipping Lapping Slap.

Returning from the Amsterdam Fringe after touring with Piet se Optelgoed, she decided to collaborate and create Fabric of the Universe which received a Standard Bank Ovation award at this year’s Festival.

Meier is interested in the choreographic relationship between body, space and materials. ‘Materials, the design of the work, spaces and inanimate objects often inform how one moves. This is present in Fabric as the work interrogates themes of agency, the process of making and the existential joy of being,’ she said.

As a space of introspection, the senses of touch, sight and sound are engaged in what the production’s composer Geoff Smuts terms a ‘transportative experience’.

The work also features puppet design by Hannah Lax, winner of the Cape Triangular Trophy for her work, Solo, at the 2014 National Arts Festival.

Melissa Mungroo