Humanities Student Tackles Bullying in SchoolsGeneral

Mr Sandhir Sewmungal takes on bullying in schools.Mr Sandhir Sewmungal takes on bullying in schools.

UKZN Heritage and Tourism student Mr Sandhir Sewmungal is part of an anti-bullying organisation called Chauncey’s Epic Anti-Bullying Club and has written a book titled The Unknown Journey, which is about his experiences of being bullied at school. 

During Anti-Bullying Awareness week, Sewmungal together with Chauncey’s Epic Anti Bullying Club members, addressed and educated learners about bullying during visits to Bechet High School, Clairwood Secondary School, Manor Gardens Primary School and Malvern Children’s Home. 

‘As a victim I always wanted to help and reach out to schools in any way and I am now a member of a realistic campaign that does its work with love and compassion. 

‘The anti-bullying club is possibly the only campaign in the country that is educating learners, parents and educators on the effects and consequences of bullying. We encourage youngsters to speak out against bullying and at the same time we let the bullies know that what they are doing is unacceptable,’ said Sewmungal. 

‘I have also been in Cape Town to assist the campaign where possible, going to schools and telling learners about my experiences. I also attended an anti-bully hike to create awareness about the issue. I am proud to be part of the Anti-Bullying Club. 

‘I understand why victims are afraid to speak up and why victims contemplate suicide, getting involved in drugs and alcohol and going on a rampage and attacking the bullies. 

‘I think it is important that schools get involved and address the issue before it gets out of hand. Help is available - friends and family are there to assist, and so are anti-bullying campaigns,’ he added. 

Sewmungal and Chauncey’s Epic Anti-Bullying Club are back in Durban in October to address bullying at more schools.

Melissa Mungroo