PhD Candidate’s high quality Research earns International RecognitionGeneral

Mr Farai Maunganidze.Mr Farai Maunganidze.

School of Management, Information Technology and Governance PhD candidate, Mr Farai Maunganidze, is one of four PhD students from around the world to be awarded a 500 Euro prize for best doctoral presentations at the Sociology of Professions Research Meeting in Vienna, Austria. 

The meeting which debated the theme of professions and professionalism across the globe, received 204 abstracts, 81 oral presentations and 43 distributed papers. 

Maunganidze’s paper titled: “We Play the Music and You Dance: Perceptions of Engineers to New Managerialism”, is part of his PhD thesis supervised by Dr Shaun Ruggunan. 

The paper aims to address the gap created by the scarcity of empirical work in the human resources management and sociology of work literature on changes in the Engineering profession and its impact on work processes, especially in southern Africa. It achieves this by arguing that human resource practitioners need to be more familiar with the engineers’ perceptions on new managerialism which is a product of the changing environment. 

‘Being internationally recognised brought a sense of achievement on my part and it is a day I will always cherish,’ said Maunganidze. ‘I attribute this recognition to the excellent grooming and guidance of my mentor and supervisor, Dr Ruggunan, who was instrumental in shaping the paper.’

Moving forward, Maunganidze is working on exploring more publication opportunities from his thesis titled: “The Changing Nature of Professional Work in Zimbabwe: Comparative Case Studies of Lawyers, Engineers and Chartered Accountants”.

‘I am working on extracting more papers from my thesis as I have realised it is rich with potential papers. The thesis seeks to investigate how professions and professional work of the above mentioned fields have been changing over time in Zimbabwe,’ said Maunganidze.

Thandiwe Jumo