Goodwill Ambassadors Lunch at UKZN FoundationHumanities

The first UKZN Goodwill Ambassadors.The first UKZN Goodwill Ambassadors.

A selected group of senior graduates re-connected with their alma mater and fellow graduates at a lunch hosted by the UKZN Foundation.

The newly-appointed Executive Director of the UKZN Foundation, Professor Anesh Maniraj Singh, addressed the group of retired graduates in a vibrant information sharing session during which the purpose and function of the Goodwill Ambassadors Programme was explained.

Singh invited this initial group of senior graduates to become the core Goodwill Ambassadors by espousing goodwill on behalf of the University through their own networks and personal interactions with others thereby generating a more positive base of support for the Institution and its activities.

Promoting UKZN’s ongoing innovations, developments and achievements, Vice-Chancellor and Principal, Dr Albert van Jaarsveld, updated the group on the latest developments taking place at the University and concluded his address by endorsing the Goodwill Ambassadors Programme initiated by the UKZN Foundation.

The group of graduates enjoyed the opportunity to meet and engage with the Vice-Chancellor.

The event ended on a high note with the retired, yet still very active graduates, willing to be involved in the initiative being driven by the UKZN Foundation.

Nadia Paul