My Brother With SpearGeneral

Ms Wisani Makhubele.Ms Wisani Makhubele.

My Brother With Spear!

My motherland was of terror and sorrow,

As a child I ran for my life.

Life is priceless yet so fragile!

We live in a world made of the likes of men

I become what they want me to be.

Pains, sorrows, lies, corruption and death,

Has become the order of the day.

In fear and guilt I live,

Hoping for tomorrow to be sunny.


From my motherland I came running to my brothers arms

I came to my brother for refuge

I came to my brother for help

I came to my brother for love

I came to my brother to have life

I came to my brother for hope,

Not by will but by circumstances

For in my motherland terror was food


Under the blazing sun I work hard for a glass of water

Under the heavy rain I clear the fields for a loaf of bread

Money was part of the bargain, yet peace was the reason of it all.

From street to street pleading for mercy and work

Shame is a forgotten word, please is our hallo!

From my motherland to my brothers arms


Our skin colour was meaningless

My language and culture rule me outcast

Yet am in the midst of my brothers

Their arms are as thorns, painful and unbearable.

My language and culture labelled me evil amongst many

My life became worthless

From my motherland to my brothers arms.


My life was part of hobby

I am killed, I am lynched, and I am burnt alive by my brother!

Our cultures divide us, our languages condemn us and our nations a curse upon our existence.

I only seek refuge

I only seek peace

I only seek love

And I only seek hope in my brother’s arms.

There is no place to call home yet you preach Democracy.

There is no place to run to yet you are my brother!

I am African which you are

I am Black; you are no different to me.

I am an offspring of the African roots


What divides us brother?

The language we speak or the cultures we proclaim?

In my brother’s arms I seek refuge

Yet I see my brother with spear!!


Dedicated to all my brothers and sisters; mothers and fathers across the realms of Africa. Your language means no difference to me, your culture means no curse upon mine neither does your presence, we are Africans. South Africa should and will be home for all.


Ms Wisani Makhubele is a final year UKZN Bachelor of Arts in International Studies student from Limpopo.

Wisani Makhubele