Afrihub Business Breakfast Hits the SpotGeneral

From left: Dr Shamim Bodhanya, Professor Cristina Trois, and Dr Rudi Kimmie.From left: Dr Shamim Bodhanya, Professor Cristina Trois, and Dr Rudi Kimmie.

A successful dialogue breakfast was hosted at UKZN’s UNITE Building by the Manager of Afrihub, Dr Rudi Kimmie, and the Leadership Dialogue.

The breakfast, attended by UKZN staff and guests from the industry, was aimed at informing participants about the purpose and objectives of the Hub.

The breakfast further encouraged an exchange of ideas between guests and AfriHub management to pave the way for a successful future for the unit.  With a strong symbiotic link to the engineering and business sectors, AfriHub will actively pursue critically needed investment to enable skills development and economically relevant research with high social impact.

Dr Shamim Bodhanya of the Leadership Dialogue group and Kimmie were the speakers in the morning.

‘The initiative of the AfriHub was conceptualised in 2014 after engagement with government and municipalities,’ said the Dean and Head of the School of Engineering, Professor Christina Trois. ‘UKZN aims to work with the government and municipalities to grow skills within South Africa. Its fundamental aim is to grow skilled and talented engineers who will be instrumental in shaping the African City of the Future.’

Prashina Budree