Life-Long Learning a Key Factor for SuccessGeneral

New Master of Medicine students with SCM Academics.New Master of Medicine students with SCM Academics.

‘Dedicate yourselves to life-long learning,’ School of Clinical Medicine, Senior Academic, Professor Richard Hift, told participants at an orientation gathering for KZN’s 2017 Master of Medicine class.

Hift reminded the students they needed to divide their time between clinical service, studying and research. ‘The next four years are all about becoming well-rounded professionals,’ he said, stressing that students had to conduct themselves professionally at all times. Professional conduct and good communication were vital in helping prevent the death of patients.

He encouraged students to set a high standard for themselves in order to make the most of their ‘research journey experience’.

Academic Leader: Research at the School, Dr Colleen Aldous, outlined the research process saying the students’ progress would be monitored through modules, some of which were available online.

Aldous encouraged students to register every year until they had completed the following components:

  1. Research Methodology, co-ordinated by Academic Leader of Teaching and Learning, Dr Serela Ramklass.
  2. Clinical and professional Prac1 and Prac 2.
  3. A research project and a completion of training time.

Lecturer and Head of the Psychiatry Unit at King Dinizulu Hospital, Dr Suvira Ramlal, spoke to the students on available resources to assist them through the programme.

‘You have to be socially and spiritually intelligent. Always work smart and not hard,’ Ramlal advised.

‘Never allow negative people to influence you. Research is fun, you will enjoy it,’ said Aldous.

Nombuso Dlamini