Law Academic to Serve on Magistrates CommissionGeneral

Mr Maropeng Mpya.Mr Maropeng Mpya.

Law Lecturer Mr Maropeng Mpya has been selected by the Society for Law Teachers of Southern Africa Association to serve as its representative at the Magistrates Commission.

The Magistrate Commission is a constitutional structure aimed at overseeing the entire magistrate judicial structure, which includes training, appointments, and discipline of magistrates.

Commenting on his appointment, Mpya said: ‘As a representative of the Society for Law Teachers of Southern Africa I represent academia’s contribution to the Magistrates Commission.

‘To serve on this Commission means one is contributing to the national building of an excellent judicial system and more importantly ensuring that all South Africans acquire the full benefit of competent magistrates and a dignified legal system.’

Mpya will serve on the Commission for a three-year term within the Ethics sub-committee as well as the Legislation sub-committee.

‘I will use my legal skills to help strengthen and enrich the Commission in its dealing with Magistrates. Further, my role in the Commission is to increase public confidence in the judiciary and justice in general,’ he said.

Thandiwe Jumo