UKZN Psychology Clinic Playroom Revamped by StudentsLaw and Management Studies

Masters students revamping the children’s playroom at the UKZN Psychology Clinic.Masters students revamping the children’s playroom at the UKZN Psychology Clinic.

The playroom at UKZN’s Psychology Clinic on the Howard College campus was recently revamped by 15 masters students from the Clinical Psychology programme.

The Clinic, which provides psychotherapy and counselling to the community at an affordable rate, is run by under-supervision trainee Psychologists completing their Master’s degree in Clinical or Counselling Psychology.

With assistance from their Lecturer, Professor Duncan James Cartwright, the students, armed with paint and refurbishing materials, transformed the children’s playroom into a warm welcoming space with bright bold colours and murals, books and toys.

Student Ms Lauren Barker said: ‘Renovating the playroom brought us together as a team giving us an opportunity to not only bond but to get to understand each other.’

Said student Ms Zahra Gouse: ‘We wanted to create a welcoming and calm environment for the playroom so children will feel comfortable to share their feelings so we can better understand and help.’

Mr Siluleko Zulu pointed out the importance of their role as trainee Psychologists at the Clinic. ‘It is in this environment that you realise that you’re working with people’s lives and it puts everything into perspective. We all have that passion to help people and the clinic allows us to do just that.’

The Clinic offers short-term treatment for depression, interpersonal conflict, anxiety, trauma, behavioral concerns and pre-, post- and ongoing counselling for HIV and AIDS. Support groups are also available for anxiety, depression and HIV and AIDS.

The psychological services are provided at the following reduced rates: R120 for a therapeutic/counselling session and R900 for assessments, including a report.

For further information phone Ms Doreen Hattingh at 031-260 7425/2612 or email

Melissa Mungroo