Maths and Physics Whizz Joins UKZN School of EngineeringLaw and Management Studies

Mr Ndumiso Ndamane with his father, Mr BN Ndamane (left), and Mathematics Teacher, Mr JJ Mhlongo.Mr Ndumiso Ndamane with his father, Mr BN Ndamane (left), and Mathematics Teacher, Mr JJ Mhlongo.

Mr Ndumiso Ndamane, who last year matriculated from Umlazi Comtech achieving full marks in Mathematics and Physical Science, has joined the Discipline of Electrical Engineering at UKZN’s School of Engineering.

‘Enjoying a subject comes from understanding it to a point where it isn’t a worry for you anymore and you can help others who battle with the subject,’ said Ndamane.

The high achiever said the most challenging aspect of matric was managing his time efficiently. However, being a timekeeper for school sports for two years helped him with this, ensuring he was never late!

Ndamane’s inspiration for his chosen field comes from his lifelong penchant for experimentation - he was deemed “naughty” for his childhood exploits.

‘Being naughty somehow paid off because I knew I had a calling in the electrical field when I started experimenting with electricity,’ said Ndamane.

‘My uncle, who works at Eskom, inspired me to pursue electrical engineering because of the life he lived and how he used to help people around him.’

Ndamane enjoys being able to create things and loves electricity.

And it’s not all science! He is also a keen musician, learning to play the piano at the age of 13. His first “gig” was at UKZN’s Centre for Jazz and Popular Music.

He paid tribute to the many people who had played a role in his life and thanked God for where he is today.

‘I’m grateful to my parents who were always there for me when I was growing up, teaching me wrong from right, and for my siblings who supported me through thick and thin.’

He also thanked his school teachers and his friends for their input and backing.

Ndamane says he is looking forward to tackling new challenges at university and having the freedom to make decisions on his own as he puts his time management skills to work.

Christine Cuénod