Civil Engineering at UKZN has Welcomed one of Durban’s Top Matric Achievers to its RanksGeneral

Ms Zakiyya Kaka, who matriculated from Al Falaah College in Durban, is excited about beginning studies towards her dream career as a structural engineer.

Kaka’s favourite subjects at school were Mathematics, Physical Science, and Engineering Graphics and Design. She says she loved the constant challenge these subjects posed.

‘It’s satisfying to work on really complex problems. I love the fact that there was no single right way to get to the answer but rather a few different routes to go down.’

She appreciated the precision and detail of Engineering Graphics and Design as well as the opportunity to be creative and design things that were uniquely hers.

Kaka said she had to work through anxiety about whether she would do well in her matric year and gain entry into her chosen university course. Her secret to success is to work consistently throughout the year and not add undue pressure by leaving tasks to the last minute.

She constantly went over past papers to test her knowledge.

Kaka’s love of structures and the practical and creative aspects of design inspired her choice of structural engineering. She hopes to one day be employed by an international company which allows and encourages her to work on diverse and challenging projects.

Matric was not all work and no play for the high achiever who unwound by playing or watching soccer, her favourite sport, and visited the library whether she was busy or not. She also spoke of her love of the beach, where she frequently spends time swimming, walking or running.

Kaka thanked her family for their support throughout matric.

‘I really appreciate my family’s dedication and the sacrifices they made to ensure I had everything I needed to do well.’

Christine Cuénod