UKZN Staff Play Soccer to Improve Fitness and to Have Fun!General

UKZN staff soccer players at the Westville campus Sports Centre.UKZN staff soccer players at the Westville campus Sports Centre.

Staff members play indoor soccer at the Sports Centre on the Westville campus at lunchtime Monday to Friday every week in an effort to rev up their heartbeats and amp their fitness levels!

According to Financial Advisor - Funding in the College of Health Sciences, Mr Jay Maharajh,  the soccer games are ‘good team building initiatives’ which show team spirit and camaraderie among staff from the various campuses as well as instilling REACH principles.

Maharajh said he was pleased the soccer initiative was helping to keep people fit. He hoped to get women involved in the initiative next year.

UKZN Sports Department’s Ashraf Ganie says players’ fitness levels have improved in the weeks they have been training.

Anyone interested in playing soccer, increasing fitness levels, and reconnecting with colleagues, please contact any of the following playing members:


Ashraf Ganie -
Jay Maharajh  -
Viren Singh -


Allen Naidoo -
Dane Arumugam -
Kishore Gobardan -

Raylene Captain-Hasthibeer